Your homeowners insurance may not cover Woodpecker Damage


Meet Amy, City Girl who became a small town resident on her marriage to George. A stark difference between living in the very center of urban civilization and Township dwelling was somewhat of an adjustment means for Amy. Sure she loved the sights and sounds of nature will be: water, trees, grass, flowers and vibrant color winged birds. Nevertheless, how she missed the hustle and bustle and – yes – even the noise that she had always known that the shopping center shopping, auto and bus traffic – honking included – and life as she had been bred to appreciate!

Although noise has always been the essence of its existence, incessant pecking on the side of its roof in Small Town America where she now had set up residence did no good for her nerves. At five o’clock in the morning, you see was too early for a woman of the world like it to be rude raised from the slumbering state. And the fact that pecking was coming from fine feathered “friend” usually known as the woodpecker did little to appease her uneasiness.

Then came the crunch that really threw off Amy. It seemed as bothersome Woodpecker begun to establish damage in a beautiful home! But nothing could appease Amy when she discovered that a standard homeowners insurance policy its not even cover damages and losses suffered She now!

“You see, madam,” explained a nice insurance agent, “insurance companies simply do not reach the general household liability that has been yeast negligence. In fact, they see a woodpecker damage as something that could have been avoided through proper home maintenance. “

If only Amy had known! She certainly would have faced little danger with a vengeance. Now it seemed that it was too late and she and her husband would have to bear the loss through out of pocket expenses.

They say life is a great teacher. Amy knows better than most.

“Learn from me,” says Amy, a former city dweller. “Do not let pests get the better of you or your home will risk!”

How does one deal Woodpecker problem? There are a number of hands-on methods:

• Go out and buy tools that are on the market in connection with Woodpecker deterrence.

• Surround outside spots related to the roof with cable fencing.

• Attach a colorful ribbon below the roof and around roof is money.

• Seal attic and house siding holes with caulk or other materials.

• Hiring a pest extermination company to take care of the problem.

• View own creative to tackle nasty wood-beak problem.

Ask Amy. She will tell you forearmed is indeed warned: figure independent insurance agent about homeowners insurance policy to make sure it’s tailored to your needs.


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