Insurance Sales – How to overcome objections


When trying to sell insurance (or any product for that matter) overcoming objections is best done before objections are actually voiced. For example, if you are trying to sell life insurance to a couple, one of the most common objections you will face is: “this sounds good, but we want some time to think it over.” If the salesman you can see this object, you can prevent it coming up by saying something to address it before the end.

something to the effect: “Now, Mr. Jones, these programs are advantageous to people like you, but unfortunately many delayed while they are thinking about it, their health or situation can change them. Could not been able to qualify for the program as we are talking about today. “there is a chance that they will still want to think it over? Yes, but it is much harder for them to voice protest when you have already actually addressed beforehand.

If you get really expressed objections, there is one key thing to remember: protests die by agreement. If you agree with their concerns, it puts you as an individual trying to understand them and their situation and find the best fit for them, not just some salesman to look for the largest commission check they can find.

Let’s say the prospect tells you they are satisfied with their current agent or broker.

By agreement mindset, your answer might be something along the lines of: “. I understand Mr. Jones, and I’m not here to disrupt that relationship I’m just here to make sure you’re in the best vehicles with the best prices to match where you are at this stage in your life. If you would like to show my current course, I will be happy to make a free review for you and make sure that it will meet your current needs “

Another common objection you can hear when talk with the option to” .. It will never happen to me “

Depending on the type of product you are selling, this can be a killer objection. Everyone knows that they need life insurance because they do not live forever, but accident insurance, long term care insurance, or cancer policies are a little tougher sell. Overcoming objections on these types of policies can be much more difficult.

You would still agree with the possibility, perhaps something along the lines of: “I understand where you are coming from, and we do not want this to happen to you, but it is still wise to be prepared. Tell me, when’s the last time you totaled your car? Never? But you still feel it is important to have coverage in case that happened to you, right? “at that point, they recognize that just because it is an unpleasant thought , it can still happen to them.

overcome objections is one of the most important parts of the sales process. You can make a killer presentation, have the best products with the lowest price, but if you are not able to overcome objections that come to mind prospects, none of the advantages of the product will matter to the customer. They have to not only see the value in the product, but all have their objections (both voiced and unvoiced) resolved before they will be willing to fill out an application, or you cut the extra stop.


Source by Bennetta Slaughter

Insurance Agents Name Choices – Insurance Specialist, Financial Planner, or Life Advisor?


Are you one of those plain insurance agents? Drugs often opt to upgrade his title as an insurance expert or consultant in the card business. Names like life consultant reflect positive experiences and knowledge. Each of these different terms distinguishes you from being just one of the insurance agents? Here are the top 101 alternatives to choose from.

There is much more to the name then article. Calling himself an agent or sales agent makes you sound run of the mill. That project also audio salesman trying to sell you something. Few people enjoy the feeling that one is selling them anything, it stinks pressure. This is why in this list of different terms you will see how much the words of one expert, expert and professional status. Outlook gets completely new perspective, just from the title that you give yourself! Prospects closely notice when agents working jointly with them to reach a decision on what is the best action. Prospective customers want to feel like they are part of the decision process.

Important internet search Tip: To get an accurate count use quote marks around words, “insurance analyst” will only give you these words in exact order. Without the quotes you would also get all instances of people search terms such as specialist insurance, expert in writing insurance claims, an expert in car insurance sales, etc.

Giving this Article, in front of each of the insurance agents distinction is number of current Google listings. This way you can easily see how many times the Internet views “Insurance Agent” look up terms like specialist, planner, representative, and. consultant. Google would count numbers change frequently today.

1 = 10600000 financial advisor

2 = 6690000 insurance agent

3 = 4280000 financial planner

4 = 2120000 investment advisor

5 = 1780000 Insurance Agents Brokers

6 = 1,600,000 investment advisor

7 999 000 = insurance follow

8. 735000 = insurance expert

9 638 000 = financial analyst

10 604 000 = financial professional

11 = 590,000 financial analyst

12 513 000 = life pro

13 433 000 = insurance professional

14 431 000 = insurance agent

15 = 322,000 insurance expert

16 271 500 = insurance salesman

17 269 000 = professional life

18 = 268,000 life insurance agent

19 253 000 = insurance consultant

20 252 000 = insurance consultant

21 244 000 = insurance salesperson

22 = 219,000 insurance manager

23 218 000 = estate consultant

24. = 217,000 insurance manager

25 189 000 = estate planner

26 = 186,000 independent insurance sales

27 = 179,000 insurance sales agent

28. = 155,000 insurance seller

29 = 130,000 insurance producer

30 = 126,000 investment representative

29 = 120,000 insurance authority

30. 119000 = insurance representative

31 = 112,000 lives agent

32 = 107,000 life insurance expert

32 104 000 = life expert

33 102 000 = insurance consultant

34 = 89900 insurance sales manager

35 = 86200 certified insurance agent

36 = 85200 insurance manager

37 = 71,000 health agent

38 = 66600 insurance pro

39 = 65100 insurance sales representative

40 = 60,000 insurance designer

41 = 59400 insurance sales person

42. 55600 = life consultant

43. 54500 = group agent

44. 52200 = ins agent

45. 50100 = estate consultant

46 = 50,000 insurance benefits

47 = 46,800 insurance consultant

48. 43800 = financial pro

49 43 400 = insurance salesperson

50. 40200 = insurance sales expert

51. 37700 = manufacturer life

52 = 37,000 insurance sales manager

53 = 35,400 independent insurance brokers

54 34 700 = long-term care professional

55 = 34500 financial advisor

56 33 900 = health insurance expert

57. 31300 = health insurance professional

58 = 29300 life insurance expert

59 = 29,000 insurance representative

60 = 28900 financial advisor

61 27 500 = insurance expert

62 = 26,000 health insurance consultant

63 = 25,500 independent insurance professional

64 = 24.700 employment expert

65 = 24,000 lives advisor

66 = 22,900 life insurance consultant

67 = 21800 life insurance sales expert

68 = 19,900 life insurance professional

69 19 300 = insurance producer

70 = 19200 certified financial planner

71 = 16200 health insurance manufacturer

72 14 900 = insurance sales consultant

73 = 14,000 hours life insurance broker

74 = 12,800 long-term care expert

75 = 12.700 pension expert

76 = 12500 estate planning expert

77 12 200 = insurance market

78 = 11,950 life insurance representative

79 = 11900 insurance planner

80 = 10,600 insurance sales professional

81 = 10,400 life insurance advisor

82 10 200 = insurance writer

83. 9650 = insurance recruiter

84. 9480 = financial planning consultant

85 = 9030 estate planning advisor

8570 = 86 pension brokers

87 = 7,520 insurance manager

7070 88 = insurance intern

89 = 6,800 long-term care insurance expert

90 = 6670 time life insurance agent

91. 6440 = long-term care insurance agent

5870 = 92 licensed life agent

93. 5300 = financial insurance agent

94 = 5270 pension agent

= 95 5080 ins professional

96. 5030 = medical insurance industries

97. 5.010 = disability insurance agent

98 = 4990 professional employment

99. 4430 = mortgage insurance agent

100. 4200 = disability insurance expert

101 = 3900 long-term care agent

for the sake never to tell potential customers that you are one of the 1.5 million insurance agents licensed to sell life, health , pension, and financial policy. The term insurance expert or insurance professional immediately makes your prospect more confident about your ability. However, do not use the overused and abused terms of financial planner or estate planner, unless you are really qualified to be one.

If the case, you are interested, here are other titles with over 1,000 Google post events that do not make the top 101 list. They are a group of health professionals, ins specialist, insurance marketing representatives, health insurance consultant, ins representative, term life insurance professional, mortgage life insurance agent, insurance marketing expert, disability insurance brokers, life ins agent, term life agent, senior market analyst, life investment consultant , MDRT insurance agent and insurance saleswoman.

you want to get more attention on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Ask, here are some tips. Front on your entry page, use the title and first line to put more descriptive words about the services you provide. Rather than announce “insurance agent for many products”, try this, “health insurance professional and disability insurance professional.” Both of these titles are only about 5,000 competition entries, which could include 3,500 to 4,000 each weak ones. Now it depends on following the instructions, and Internet search skills you possess. An internet search could have found you in the top 100 listings per terms! The “insurance agent” search, with well over 6,000,000 lists, it could take a week 24/7 to find you listed near the end of the heap.


Source by Donald Yerke

Mobile Telematics Technology is promising for Auto Insurance?


At the time when the road accident caused the death of millions, it is necessary to check the driving behavior through mobile technology.

According to WHO, 1.25 million people die due to traffic accidents. WHO also estimates the accident will be the seventh leading cause of death worldwide. Is a need to press the panic button in the face of these figures? What kind of education is necessary to check accidents and reducing accident risk? Let us dwell deeper.

According to Bob Joop Goos, chairman of the International Road accident prevention, “Over 90% of accidents are caused by human error.” Human error is all about driving behavior, is not it? Well, if it is so that there is a need for the driver scorecard to improve driving and make driving safe. This is to ensure that he get his insurance claims hassle free for the loss. To have come this far, let’s go into the technical factors that increase ones driving behavior. Moreover, let us also consider whether a person has to pay ‘fixed contribution’ or ‘pay as you go’ or ‘pay how you drive’ for auto insurance.

person who lives in the State of Alabama is paying $ 1,500 a year on average. Suppose a person living in the city is $ 1500 pay as he is prone to more injuries against the person living in the suburbs pay the same amount as less likelihood of accidents. Suburban drive is easy compared to driving in cities. Remember the city driver will drive less kilometers compared to suburban driver who drives more. The city drivers are prone to more accidents. On the other hand suburban driver is prone to more wear his car. If a fixed contribution is obtained from both drivers, how does this make sense? Now if you’re given the option to choose between the following:

• Fixed premium annually
• Usage based insurance (UIB) is pay-per-use

What will you choose? Everyone will be cost effective; no one wants to end in loss. The majority likely to choose the second option. The reason is more customers are mobile. Customers can download the mobile application on mobile phones to monitor driving data. Risk assessment is easy with mobile device telematics applications. Assess risks like driving in peak traffic hours, depending on traffic rules or not, hassle free parking, speeding, etc., and take the necessary measures in the future with the help of tips provided on the application on your mobile phone.

Digital technologies are empowering insureds pay as you drive (Paydar) insurance, will pay how you drive (Phyd) by the customer. How this is going to affect the insurance industry? This is another area that requires discussion.

Mobile telematics technology combines technologies such as Global Positioning System (GPS), Mobility, Cloud and Big Data analytics where the driver uses the data to increase driving pleasure his behavior. This will reduce accidents. The mobile app provides information such as hard braking applied, rapid acceleration, road types, driving smoothness, phone distraction, traffic alerts, speed and mileage, etc. In addition, insurers can deliver personalized services and reach new customers by reducing the processing delays . Club option to enhance driving behavior using built Insurance. This will surely get support from the state and from companies.

Do we get more insight on this? Companies are looking for productivity, the government wants productive citizens. No one wants to productive children to be injured or be a burden. It is in this context that there is likely where insurance, business and government can work together to reduce the productivity risk. Driving behavior is the prime cause of traffic accidents. Mobile telematics technology has the ability to increase the driving behavior, reduce accident risk and workflow not disrupted.

Mobile telematics technology also has its impact on the automobile industry. As we know, a luxury automobile manufacturers come with built-in telematics, small brands charge extra for automobile electronic accessories. These black box technology are pushing up the cost of cars. In such a situation, mobile telematics technology reduces technology costs associated with the integration of the integration of technologies such as Global Positioning System (GPS), Mobility, Cloud and Big Data Analytics on smart phones. Advantage was for vehicle owners.

At a time when deaths caused by accidents are listed as the seventh world government, insurance companies, businesses and the public, offering mobile technology, we hope to reduce the risk. Canada is hosting Insurance Telematics Canada 2016 28, April 29 at the Double Tree Hilton, Toronto. In the year 2015 43% of insurance companies attended the event. This year the event cuts auto insurance technology and expect greater attendance to brainstorm.


Source by Sud Gover

Technology, Discounts, Customer Education to drive telematics Auto Insurance


Insurers are recognizing the importance of rates to get the US and Canada markets. But this requires a combination of product features.

Something seriously required in favor of insurance policy holders in the United States and Canada. UBI adoption is growing at a frenetic pace in North America, according to figures BI Research. Market watchers are keenly monitoring the growth of auto insurance and the factors that can cause challenges insurance industry. Figures show a rosy picture. Telematics-based insurance growth increased from 4.1% in 2015 to 6% in 2016 in North America. Growth is mounted to 19.2% in 2019. What is the role of telematics equipment expertise in emerging markets reached? Get discounts increase subscriber base? Is there a pitfall? Let us examine.

Insurers are constantly on the lookout for cost effective ways to do business with telematics. But convincing policyholders appear to be their challenge. Yesterday know how Passe with new and advanced knowledge developed in front of the UT. Data collection and customer engagement hold the key to success in the wired world today. Aspirin policyholders can be convinced insurance companies with advanced technologies such as: Driving data capture, direct marketing channels, roadside assistance (NSD Partner), Geo analytics and gamification to name a few. Millennial and Gen Z are technophile demographics telematic equipment market.

Technical measures will reduce risks and discounts are cost reduction. If both factors are combined marketing is easier. At this point the analyst is to take a balanced view. Donald Light director of Celent research and consulting firm, believes that the combination of both discounts and surcharges can provide a bright future for Telematics in Canada. He was their vision of the “Insurance Telematics Canada 2016” in Toronto. We all surcharges are additional premiums for risky driving behavior. Light and suggest this to change driver perception of their driving.

What the perception of Light wants to change? People pay a price for goods or services on their perception of quality. The same theory is applicable to human perception towards driving. If a man thinks he is a ‘better driver “and not including the driver that he is in fact, encourage them to implement telematics mobile app to take advantage of discounts will be challenging. Due to the self-esteem of his preventing promote driving behavior and adopt drive score as the ultimate criteria to improve his driving. It is at this stage only the education needed to change perceptions.

very purpose Ubi is to reward the contribution of drivers on criteria such as speed, acceleration, use the phone, etc. Great part of the population is mobile and it makes sense to implement telematics mobile app on their mobile devices to reduce accidents and earning drive score to take advantage of the policy premium rates. Education is needed to change the wrong perception of drivers taking Wherever reasonable and understand what standard driving behavior.

Education should be extended to ensure that network security telematics mobile apps are also prone to cyber attacks. This should be viewed in a context where 60% of cars and trucks are going to be connected to the network by 2017. This means tailored telematics service should address cyber security issues also to gain greater acceptance in the market.

Switching to telematics is a good choice; it is also promising for the company which wants to expand its scope. Advanced technical features, discounts drive scorecards plus extra for confused the driving behavior can increase recognition of mobile telematics thus attracting new mobile subscribers. If these issues are addressed, insurance marketing becomes easy.


Source by Sud Gover

Your homeowners insurance may not cover Woodpecker Damage


Meet Amy, City Girl who became a small town resident on her marriage to George. A stark difference between living in the very center of urban civilization and Township dwelling was somewhat of an adjustment means for Amy. Sure she loved the sights and sounds of nature will be: water, trees, grass, flowers and vibrant color winged birds. Nevertheless, how she missed the hustle and bustle and – yes – even the noise that she had always known that the shopping center shopping, auto and bus traffic – honking included – and life as she had been bred to appreciate!

Although noise has always been the essence of its existence, incessant pecking on the side of its roof in Small Town America where she now had set up residence did no good for her nerves. At five o’clock in the morning, you see was too early for a woman of the world like it to be rude raised from the slumbering state. And the fact that pecking was coming from fine feathered “friend” usually known as the woodpecker did little to appease her uneasiness.

Then came the crunch that really threw off Amy. It seemed as bothersome Woodpecker begun to establish damage in a beautiful home! But nothing could appease Amy when she discovered that a standard homeowners insurance policy its not even cover damages and losses suffered She now!

“You see, madam,” explained a nice insurance agent, “insurance companies simply do not reach the general household liability that has been yeast negligence. In fact, they see a woodpecker damage as something that could have been avoided through proper home maintenance. “

If only Amy had known! She certainly would have faced little danger with a vengeance. Now it seemed that it was too late and she and her husband would have to bear the loss through out of pocket expenses.

They say life is a great teacher. Amy knows better than most.

“Learn from me,” says Amy, a former city dweller. “Do not let pests get the better of you or your home will risk!”

How does one deal Woodpecker problem? There are a number of hands-on methods:

• Go out and buy tools that are on the market in connection with Woodpecker deterrence.

• Surround outside spots related to the roof with cable fencing.

• Attach a colorful ribbon below the roof and around roof is money.

• Seal attic and house siding holes with caulk or other materials.

• Hiring a pest extermination company to take care of the problem.

• View own creative to tackle nasty wood-beak problem.

Ask Amy. She will tell you forearmed is indeed warned: figure independent insurance agent about homeowners insurance policy to make sure it’s tailored to your needs.


Source by M Wyzanski

Why students need assurance Of


As the cost of higher education rises, families turn to credit to send their children to school.

Shock statistics from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau state that at the end of last year, outstanding student loan debt was more than $ 1 trillion. Are you a parent college-going child with?

Have you co-signed a loan to cover the cost of a child’s education and if you take out a life insurance policy in the name of the child to settle the loan if he / she died?

Think of it this way. Like any other parent you want the best for your child and it includes university.

You are willing to co-sign a student loan because you know your child will work to pay back the loan when they have completed their studies. But then one day the nightmare of every parent’s reality and the child goes away before he or she can pay the loan, even before he or she can finish learning. What now? Since you co-signed a loan you are responsible for paying back what is owed.

Where is this life cover lane in the center stage. If you take out a life insurance policy in the name of the child you know if he or she takes away their life insurance policy pay policy beneficiaries a lump sum amount. These funds can be used to pay outstanding debts, including student loans, store cards and credit cards. The money can also be put towards funeral expenses plus cost of settling the estate of the child.

No parent wants to think about the death of his son. For many, the thought of their child dying before them is too horrific to even contemplate. But as responsible adults we have to plan for the worst and ensure that we are financially protected from the death of our child. Think of it this way. If your child disappeared and to be responsible for his / her student debt how would you cope with repayments? Would you be able to afford them? How, for example, would this unexpected financial burden affect retirement plans?

Take charge and talk to your child today to take out life insurance in his or her name. While it may be difficult conversation is one that needs to take place. And remember, take out life insurance while you’re young and healthy means you’ll save on premiums as you get older.


Source by Aaron Dekker

10 reasons to start today CPCU – Turbocharge Insurance Career


The Chartered Property Casualty guarantor, or CPCU designation, is the largest and best recognized designation Property casualty insurance industry. Whether you just start in the industry or you are 20 years of experience, but feel stuck in your current role CPCU can make a huge difference in your ability to grow your career.

1. gain knowledge you need to truly understand the overall Property damage insurance industry at a high level.

2. Access membership of the CPCU Society both locally and nationally that will open amazing networking opportunities with leaders of our industry.

3. Only 4% of our industry has CPCU, so it immediately puts you in the top echelon of the industry when it comes to education.

4. It opens the door to promotions and new positions. Getting the interview for a better situation will be much easier with the distinguished CPCU letter next to your name.

5. The average CPCU is 54 years old. With so many retirements happen in our industry, are young CPCUs in very high demand.

6. Many of the local chapters CPCU Society is always looking for young talent to their board of directors that gives you plenty of opportunity to gain experience in leadership.

7. At around $ 4,000 for the whole program, it is much cheaper than the MBA program makes an absolute steal. Costs are kept low by the power delivery method is self-learning instead of classroom style learning.

8. Chances company pays 100% of the cost of the program, paying for the trip to the annual meeting, and some even give a bonus for each exam passed and / or the finished program. Some companies such as Liberty Mutual even give you 10% of your salary to complete the program. You can do CPCU in part-time and receive benefits both short term and long term.

9. It shows a real commitment to the industry that makes companies more likely to take a risk on you and offer you stretch project.

10. The average CPCU makes 29% more than non-CPCUs with the same title.

There are simply too many reasons, and no downsides to do CPCU your. Sure it’s hard work, but it pays off in spades by giving you knowledge, connections and recognition you need to grow your career in a much better place.


Source by Tony Canas

Life Insurance Quotes?


We have all seen and heard a ridiculously low price rates for the insurance term life. They are not fake numbers but the reality is very few people actually qualify for discounts offered. The cost of life insurance depends on two main factors: health and age, respectively.

Pre-screening requirements

However, before companies considering insuring any specific conditions must be met. There may be some variations and / or exceptions but most person: Not to be imprisoned; may not be in the hospital, especially on their death-bed; may not be on active duty in the military; may not be over the age of 85.

Evaluation Process

a person’s health is appreciated by one or more insurers. The evaluation usually includes a complete medical history and medications, professional, recreational habits (skydiving is not usually considered healthy recreation), use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, height and weight, and possibly more as the company is evaluating.

After a person’s age is a factor in relation to health food. The underwriters have a chart that’s actuary has determined how long someone will live based on the evaluation results.

how long?

When a person’s health and age have been evaluated and determined by the insurance company, the next factor to consider is the level of long insurance will be for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years , 25 years, 30 years, or permanently (the rest of life no matter how long it is).

You Bet

It is important to understand the basic premise of insurance is that it is a bet. The insurance bet something that probably will not happen. The insured bet that something will or could happen.

Insurance Companies know how many but not one

Insurance companies already know they will be wrong a certain number of times per 1000 people insured. The key to them is profitable to be able to be as accurate as possible in (s) they have predicted and / or planned for. The cost is based on the forecast.

Estimate is not Quote

Generally, the words quotes and life insurance do not go together. When asked for costs, the best anyone can do is estimate based on the information provided. Until the insurance company reviews applications and makes an offer numbers, cost and price are not clear.

Offer Quote

The prices are set by the insurance companies. The way they work is similar but different companies assessed differently. Agents and brokers have no say in the cost of insurance to do their best to fit a particular person and situation of a particular company.

When an offer is made

There is a quote it is usually a 30-day free look to accept or not.


Less than 5% of all term life insurance policies are never paid or will ever pay death benefits. More than 80% of all permanent life insurance has paid or will pay death benefits.


Source by Bob Lynch

Tips to find the best Family Doctor to meet your particular insurance plan


Find a family doctor is often more difficult than it sounds. You want to find that one physician that meets the needs of the whole family and provides you the best level of care for patients now and in the future. So where do you start? How do you know your doctor you are considering is going to meet insurance plan requirements?

The first step is to find what you think is important to you and your family when choosing a doctor. You already have insurance plan in place and now you need someone who is going to take care of your family, help diagnose diseases and provide tailored treatments. This doctor could be someone you feel needs to be well with children, especially if your children are relatively young. They should also be able to work with adults, so the family can go to one doctor. Only one bill for insurance to cover such as when the family becomes ill.

Identify medical standards. You want to choose someone who is not far from home. If you were looking for yourself, the doctor could be close to work or home, but because you are looking for a family doctor covenant, you want them to be accessible to all members of the family. Someone ideally located a short distance from home ensures that everyone receives the care they need when they are ill and need medical attention.

It is also worthwhile at this point to know if they work in the center or hospital where there is a host of other treatments available. This way you only have one place to go in an emergency, such as.

Take a few minutes, pick up the phone and call the family pact doctor to ask questions you feel important before the final decision. Often talked to the receptionist and get answers to your questions can give you peace of mind and confidence to choose this particular doctor to meet all the medical needs of your family now and in the future.

Ask the reception about opening hours and if a doctor is off, that will replace them, so if you or one of your family needs a doctor, there will always be someone on hand. In addition to this, check the waiting time for an appointment. If your child is ill, you do not have to wait a day or two to get them to the doctor, you want them to get a handle on the day.

Doctors always check licenses and credentials. You can ask to see a copy, or you can search for them by the medical board. Either way, you should feel quite confident that you have chosen the best family doctor that not only meets family needs, but also insurance plan forward.

The person you choose should be someone who makes the whole family comfortable. Children should not be upset when they have to visit a doctor, but feel comfortable with it.

The last step is to make sure that your doctor works with an insurance company. Some insurers only work with a certain number of family doctors, so you need to make sure that the doctor you choose will work with your insurance plan, so you know that you have taken the necessary steps to provide your family with the medical care they need at all times.


Source by Augusto Focil

Definition of World Class Operating Model for Insurance


There is no common definition of established operating model for insurance. An operating model is a representation of the reality of implementation of operations and IT support business processes. A business model defines how the company makes money; operating model defines how the company is organized to ensure that it actually makes money.

A World Class Operating Model is the best Target Operating Model for the company, defined relative to the external market and internal management and culture. World Class defines excellent organization able to deliver shareholder value, consistently high profit and growth with agile organization able to adapt to market changes.

A World Class Operating Model supports companies to optimize all the improvement efforts to ensure the promised return on investment and prevent the introduction of new problems of incomplete or incorrect changes caused by lack of overview or the ability to deliver complex solutions .

There are many examples of world class organizations around the world with outstanding service and optimize internal processes and IT; However, in the industry it is difficult to find a world class organization. Ask customers, distributors and even internal management and insurance company employees and the overall perception is quite bad. There are of course examples of dramatic improvements, most of the time covered only part of the organization.

The goal of World Class Operating Model is to define the organization able to deliver excellent services and products with low cost, reliable, scalable and sustainable operation and the IT organization, which is fast and flexible, adaptive market.

Where in most cases, the operating model of Insurance organization is a complex maze of processes, IT and governance implemented in controlling the manual creation, the state of the art World class operating model is based on a full service digital agency with high skilled professionals for product development, marketing, sales, consultancy, claims management and customer service.

A World Class Operating Model for Insurance is based on the following principles:

Availability real contact time

One often heard complaint of customers and distributors is the lack of up-to-date information in the service process, especially in the case of a claim. Call centers and internal staff simply have no access to the most recent data and must wait until the paper files are available. An important rule of world class operating model is that all information is digital, up-to-date and real-time available create excellent service, fast deliver & claim process and real-time view of production and productivity.

Fully digital self-service capabilities

Today, all information should be available in real time, anywhere, anytime, on every computer and mobile used by customers, distributors, internal management and staff and third party service providers. It will save tremendous time and money when customers and business partners have access to all information via the internet, on tablets, phones, etc. and are able to get quotes for new products and renewal, send customer and product information, policy recommendations, and changes and load demand information. The world class operating model, are digital self-service capabilities fully integrated with comprehensive sales support and customer relationship management systems.

Straight Through Processing

The complex manual processes for insurance organizations resulting in most of the service problems. Backlogs, lack of perspective, re-enter data, the manual mistakes cause deterioration in service and high rate costs. A World Class Operating Model organizes all processes in plain, simple models. This model is fully automated without any manual interference except for decision-making as assessment and underwriting requirements. All data will be entered in one of the system and will be transferred directly through to other systems where no back data is essential.

Fast time to market

Time to market insurance products is long, even small changes in pricing will take months to deploy in most insurance companies. This is in most cases due to the complexity of IT environment. Even when companies use advanced tools product development, the problem of changing the policy administration system yet. The World Class aims Operating Model time to market 1 day to 1 week after the change, including product approval marks and governance change.

State of the Art IT architecture and solutions

Starting World Class Operating Model to automate all sales, customer service, new business, renewal, runs, requirements , rating and policy change process based on robust loosely coupled, flexible IT architecture with best of breed system components integrated using Enterprise Service Bus and one central database. The state of the art IT architecture is scalable to deal with (fast) growth, is flexible, sustainable and prepared for all market development in the coming years.

Cultural participation and continuous improvement

process all today’s and are defined by the people ” we will not solve today problems with the same thinking that created them “(Albert Einstein). This means that the implementation of world class operating model is more than just an IT transformation. As Insurance is a very traditional industry where the risks reach the main objective, every transitional change will create resistance and when not managed well, will ruin the outcome of the transformation project. A World Class Operating Model implementation includes a culture change towards continuous improvement, stakeholders and staff participation and in most organizations the hardest nut to crack.

Simple and lean organization and governance

Apart from the technical and cultural challenges, planning and design are equally important to ensure a successful outcome of the World Class operating model transformation. Insurance organizations have many different representations caused by past and present management preferences, which are not necessarily the most efficient and effective structures. Usually this organization structures are causing more complexity, inefficiency and slow time to market. The World Class Operating Model includes a simple, straightforward and lean management structure and deliver optimal customer, partner and employee satisfaction.


Source by Paul De Bruijn