10 reasons to start today CPCU – Turbocharge Insurance Career


The Chartered Property Casualty guarantor, or CPCU designation, is the largest and best recognized designation Property casualty insurance industry. Whether you just start in the industry or you are 20 years of experience, but feel stuck in your current role CPCU can make a huge difference in your ability to grow your career.

1. gain knowledge you need to truly understand the overall Property damage insurance industry at a high level.

2. Access membership of the CPCU Society both locally and nationally that will open amazing networking opportunities with leaders of our industry.

3. Only 4% of our industry has CPCU, so it immediately puts you in the top echelon of the industry when it comes to education.

4. It opens the door to promotions and new positions. Getting the interview for a better situation will be much easier with the distinguished CPCU letter next to your name.

5. The average CPCU is 54 years old. With so many retirements happen in our industry, are young CPCUs in very high demand.

6. Many of the local chapters CPCU Society is always looking for young talent to their board of directors that gives you plenty of opportunity to gain experience in leadership.

7. At around $ 4,000 for the whole program, it is much cheaper than the MBA program makes an absolute steal. Costs are kept low by the power delivery method is self-learning instead of classroom style learning.

8. Chances company pays 100% of the cost of the program, paying for the trip to the annual meeting, and some even give a bonus for each exam passed and / or the finished program. Some companies such as Liberty Mutual even give you 10% of your salary to complete the program. You can do CPCU in part-time and receive benefits both short term and long term.

9. It shows a real commitment to the industry that makes companies more likely to take a risk on you and offer you stretch project.

10. The average CPCU makes 29% more than non-CPCUs with the same title.

There are simply too many reasons, and no downsides to do CPCU your. Sure it’s hard work, but it pays off in spades by giving you knowledge, connections and recognition you need to grow your career in a much better place.


Source by Tony Canas

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